Full Color Business Cards Attract More Attention

There have been many studies comparing black and white printing vs color printing, and color always wins. Color wins with:

  • ability to acquire attention
  • being remembered longer
  • communicating an emotional response

These are all qualities which better help promote a business is true. So use color on your business card design to achieve better promotion.

Full Color Business Card Designs

Color Graphics Business Cards

There are times when you just do not have a photo which you believe will work well on your business card. If you find you do not have a photo you want to use, then the next best thing is to use color and graphics on your card to create interest and communicate what your business is about. Below are some links to some examples business card designs which are not using photos.

Computer Services
Flight Instruction Services Business Card

see more examples below …

christian church business card with map side 1
christian church business card with map side 2


Business Cards with Map

One way to use graphics on your business card is to include a simple map to your location.
Many Churches use business cards to publish information about their services and a map can help folks find the church.

Some Business Card Options

fencing company double sided business card side1
fencing company double sided business card side2

Double Sided Business Cards

One option we offer is design and printing on the back side of business cards for those business’s that want to make use of all the promotion space a business card has to offer.

rounded corner full color business card

Rounded Corners Business Cards

Another option we offer is to give your business card rounded corners when we cut and trim the cards. The following link shows some examples:

Start Your Business Card Design

Your business card is a reflection of you and your business!

Consider using color on your business card so it can work harder to help you.
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