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photo business cards say more about your business

Photo Busuiness Cards

Using photos in your business cards can help you communicate more about you and your business. Whether you use a photo of you, your business, your product, or something related to your service, photos communicate what it would take 1000’s of words to communicate. We recommend using photos on your business cards so your cards can do more work for you!

We are ready to create a business card design you will be proud to present. Click on the button below to see a list of examples of photo business cards that can give you ideas on how to use photos for your business card design.

colorful business cards express more about your business

Colorful Business Cards

Text on a business card presents required information describing your business, while colorful images and graphics increase attention on what your business has to offer. The increased attention improves the effectiveness of your business card in producing a customer eagerly contacting you.

Send to us any colorful images and graphics you would like to use on your business card design, or tell us what kind of colors and graphics you would like us use. We will create a design to make your cards stand out and want to make contact.

raised ink business card have a traditional feel

Raised Ink Business Cards

Raised Ink Business cards have a completely different set of design capabilities and constraints. Business cards with raised ink offer a different tactile feel which is interpreted to increase the feeling of authority and influence. The availability of being able to select from many types of paper can enhance the feel of the raised ink business card. We recommend this type of printing for business card designs with three or less colors. We also, have a capability to print full color raised ink business cards. This process offers many advantages but it is only available on one type of paper stock.

To learn more about our Raised Ink printing capabilities, please use the button below to visit our web page on raised ink printing.

other types of business cards have many uses

Other Types of Business Cards

Whether it be the a different use for a business card, for example using it as an appointment reminder card. or whether it is a new material or size, we will offer information on these new developments on our other business cards page. Here are some planned new business card products we are ready to design for you:

All our business card designs can be supplied as magnets. Just let us know you are interested in having magnets made of your business card design and we will supply a quote. Click on the button below for more information on other types of business cards.

About Our Services

We create a CUSTOM design for your cards for FREE. You get a personal designer on your team at no additional charge by using our services!

The process is simple – just email us a description of what you want and we will go to work on a layout for your business card. If you have some digital images you want us to use, send them via our online submission form and we will work them into your design. When we have a design ready, we will put both a front and back image on a web proof page for you to review. After you approve, then you can complete the order by ordering the quantity of cards you want to be printed.

When creating a business card, think about what is the #1 reason your customers give you their business. Think about how you are helping them solve a problem. Then advertise that reason with words, graphics, and photos. This gives them a reason to contact you with the contact information you must also put on your business card.

We guarantee our design to print as you have approved when you review it.

Full color 4:4 printing on thick 15PT Card stock to deliver to you business cards that feel good and always make a great impression. The paper is C2S, which means that the paper itself has a slight coating on two (2) sides, which improves the printability of the paper. For additional durability and shine, we add a Gloss UV coating. We can leave it uncoated for a matte finish if you request it.

Also, Rounded Corner cutting – is an option we offer for selection with our full photo color flat printing business cards when you place your printing order.

Our eco-friendly print process saves water, reduces air pollution, conserves trees and decreases waste. We use paper from trees harvested from certified environmentally sustainable forests.

“We Offer Traditional Raised Ink Business Cards.”
which can be printed on many different types of card stock. These different paper stocks offer different color, finishes, and strength weights. We do not list all the options online, so please describe what you would prefer.

Traditional raised ink printing is a fairly complicated process which quickly becomes more expensive when more than two ink colors are used in a design. We can work up a quote for you quickly after we understand your design requirement.

Full color raised ink is also a printing process we have available. This process offers many advantages from our traditional raised ink, but this full color process is only available on one type card stock:

Sandwich Business Cards
FAT Business Cards
Square Business Cards
Circle Business Cards
Mini Business Cards

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