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Simple Raised Ink Business Card Design

2 ink color raised ink business card design

This is an example of a simple business card design with logo, name, title, contact information and web site.  This is a good example of a professional business card design that would print well using our traditional raised ink business card process.

The design only requires 2 ink colors which helps on cost.

By using different colored and textures of available card stock, this design could give many different looks and feels.  For example an ivory colored laid paper would give a different feel from a light gray matte.

Would you like us to design a similar raised ink business card design for you ?

Use this link to learn more about our traditional raised ink business card process

Postcards Help Your Business Stand Out

Do not just listen to us, here is Manta’s Tip of the day: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Go postal and stand out Don’t get deleted, be the one they remember! Try a classic method and mail (yes, with stamps!) postcards for your next big event. Stand apart from your competition and incorporate graphics, top-notch copy, even your own handwriting, to send a personal message. With no need for envelopes, this cheap alternative is a tangible bit of personal branding that gets the message out and doesn’t require a click-through to be impactful.

Here is a link to the tip and comments:  Go postal and stand out

Look for our comment…

We stand ready to make a custom postcard design and we can help you with your postcard campaign.



Get 5 New Customer Leads with Your Custom Business Cards

Read more about this special offer…


Please send me more details about your business cards…

I offer a custom design service for creating unique business cards which are targeted to:
– communicate what you offer
– give information on how to contact you
– be rememberable and recognizable among other business cards

… and I will work on the design for Free until you give approval to print.
I like my customers to consider me to be their personal designer.

We use two types of high quality printing technologies.

1. Full color flat (not raised) printing on heavy paper media. Full bleed printing offered on both front and back of business cards. ( also can be on folded business cards ) Great for photo reproduction as well as all full color output. Printing can be glossy output or some folks like a matte finish.

2. Raised ink printing on a many types of paper media. Raised ink printing offers a tactile feel which gives an impression of importance and quality by touch. One customer told me he would only buy raised ink business cards because his customer’s had told him “that raised ink feel was required to give the impression they were dealing with a professional”. Raised ink designs are printed in separate stages for each color. Therefore, if more than 3 colors are used in the design the printing complexity can be cost prohibitive. We try to limit raised ink to 3 colors maximum. Backside of raised ink business cards can be printed flat only.

We also offer a special full color raised ink printing. This is only available on one type of glossy paper media.


All our pricing is published online with the order form for each type of card printing. It is dependent upon the type of printing and the quantity of cards being ordered. Links to each order form:

Please let me know what additional questions you may have.

Bellrock Internet Services Focused on Mobile Marketing

Bellrock Internet Services is GV’s complementary web focused now on Mobile Markerting Services.  You ask: ” What is Mobile Marketing Solutions? ”  and I say ” Why do you care ? ”  What you really should ask is: “what will Mobile Marketing Services do for me ? 

What it means to you is that these are services to bring more customers to your business!

Most any business wants more customers.  If you are like most businesses, then have us get to work bringing new customer in for you. Go visit Bellrock Internet Services and use the contact form to let us know you are interested.

Website thumbnails provided by BitPixels

New Raised Ink Printing Site on GV

We have a new website under Galleria Ventures focused on giving better information on our Raised Ink Printing products.  We not only offer Raised Ink Business Cards but we offer Raised Ink Printing of panel cards and letterhead.

Also, our Full Color Raised Ink Business Card offer a unique capability which has been quite popular.  This process is a good one to consider for any cards with 3 or more colors needed.

Visit our new site at:  www.raised-ink-printing.com

raised-ink-printing.com screenshot

Raised Ink Business Card pricing

I am unable to just offer a simple table for raised ink pricing.

We offer two different raised ink printing processes:

Process 1 – standard raised ink
pricing information link
The pricing for raised ink business cards is fairly complex dependent upon
the complexity of the business card design.  These include …
– cost adder for picking special paper stock
– cost adder for any ink in design going to edge of card
– cost adder for any two colors of ink in design that are very close to each other
– cost adder for each color of ink required in design

In general I recommend not using over two colors in a standard raised ink design.

Process 2 – full color raised ink
pricing information link
This process does not have any of the above raised ink cost adders, and allows
full color printing, but this process in only available on one type of paper stock.
That stock is glossy 12 pt Kromekote paper stock.

Please confirm address to send samples, and I will send some.

Galleria Ventures Customer Service

On 8/30/2010 11:32 PM,  wrote:

Inquiry made by: Radwan 

Here is a copy of the inquiry
Concerning: Inquiry about business cards
Would like information about raised business cards like prices and if possible to have samples.
Thank you

Photo variations offered

Here are some photo variations we can offer on photos we receive:

Straight color fill –  ( as received )

just married color photo for postcard

Change to sepia –

just married color photo converted to sepia

Change to black and white –

just married color photo converted to black and white

Simply request the variation you want.

Fit to 4×6 or 4.25×5.5 ?

There is more involved in the difference of a 4×6 postcard vs 4.25×5.5 postcard than just the overall size.  The shapes are different.  The 4×6 is more of rectangle shape and the 4.25×5.5 is more of a square shape.

So when we are supplied a photo for use on a postcard these shapes can make a big difference in what part of the photo becomes cropped to fit the card.

Below is an example of a photo being set in a frame on the front of the card.

On the first card the photo is set within a frame on a 4.25×5.5 sized card:

4.24x5.5 sized card with photo in frame

On this second card the photo is set within a frame on a 4×6 sized card:

4x6 sized card with photo in frame

The photo was not cropped to fit the 4×6 sized frame so the main difference you see is additional width in the frame on each end.  The photo would have to be cropped on either the top or bottom to give a more even fit for a uniform frame.  The top could not be cropped because it was already cutting into the groom’s head.  There was very little room to crop some of the bottom without cutting out the ring on the bride’s hand.  So the best choice for 4×6 was to not crop and add more frame on the ends.

So selection of the size of a postcard for a photo to fit on affects more than just the size of the end card, it also has an affect on how well the photo fits the shape of the card.  This affect has a greater influence when the photo cannot be cropped to fit.

If needed, we will recommend a postcard size that gives a better fit when we create a design for our customer’s cards.

how long it takes to get the cards

Hello Hope,

It takes us about a week to ship your cards after we have confirmed your
approval on the design, and we have received your printing order.
Cards 4×6 size we are usually able to ship 2-3 days quicker than the
other sizes.   So, I recommend that size.

Yes we offer full color photo printing.

You also might consider that we can mail your cards for you.
Here is a link to information on our mailing service.


Galleria Ventures Customer Service

On 8/16/2010 3:22 PM, wrote:

Inquiry made by: Hope Murray

Here is a copy of the inquiry
Concerning: Inquiry about postcards
I'd like to know how long it takes to get the cards printed once I send you a photo.  We are getting married in a private ceremony in the Grand Canyon and would like to send the invitations out either as soon as we get home, or even have one of our children send them for us while we are away.  Also, we could have a color photo instead of the B/W correct??   Thanks for your assistance.